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a retarded person (real or fake) that has severe issues. they can be funny at times but beware of their bipolar-ness. seabib's require a special swing at the play ground and they bite. seabib's also draw super dinos with capes on innatomite objects. seabib's run around kicking Nick's in the balls and throwing beads at eachother for hours. be warned that anyone can be called a seabib. this is not worth hitting someone over. besides, they would just think you are having a seabib attack. know that a seabib cannot spell correctly and they ask stupid questions frequently. the mating call of a seabib is "best fran pictures" for the females and "myspace pictures" for the males, also they both come in flaming homosexual voices. a seabib is known to be very immature but funny.
(myspace survey)
question: Have you ever slept in a friends bed?
answer: What kind of a question is that you stupid little seabib? Why don't you just go and have another seabib attack you baby leg muncher. geez.
by chealseakins June 30, 2009
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