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a small town of one square mile on Long Island...formally a haven for every hippie on longisland now a nice suberbia where there is nothing for the teenagers to do but do drugs and get wasted and then apply to good schools.
every ones knows everyone's buisness in sea cliff and the smell of pot in sea clif is a common occurance.
by starving artiste March 31, 2006
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A town on Long Island where most of the locals roll through stop signs and give you nasty looks when you have the right of way. They pay absolutely no attention to the reason a stop sign is there. They barely even slow down. If you have made a complete stop and start hitting the gas to continue on and a "local" comes rolling up to an adjacent stop sign, please beware. They won't even look around. They only look straight in front of them and seem to lack peripheral vision. You, like most people, will probably expect them to stop and wait their turn. You would be wrong if you were in Sea Cliff. No, instead the local driver will continue on and look at you like you are crazy and an A-hole. Don't believe it, go to Sea Cliff, NY. Drive around. Especially around Sea Cliff Ave.
I was driving in Sea Cliff today and I was almost hit by a local driver when he/she blew a stop sign. The worst part was that he/she looked at me like I did something wrong and should be ashamed of myself.
by CielBleu July 08, 2015
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