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SE++ is short for Social entrophy, a subforum of the Penny-Arcade forums. This is a forum for people who have severe mental problems. This incudes racisim, homophobia, sociopathia, scatalogical tendancies, sexism, oral fixation, depression, hyperism, and turrette's syndrome

People visiting these forums should prepare themselves to have their sexual preferences questioned and to have a sharp wit about them. While internet stupidity is not tolerated, general stupidity is encouraged.

The SE++ quote is "Business as Usual"

For a short time SE++ was renamed "Hapenstance and Ribaldy". This was met with a lot of wang waving and anger. The original name was eventually restored.
I woudn't go into SE++ unless you paid me a billion rape dollars!
by Social Entrophy June 27, 2006
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