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what you say when u see a girl in the hall way; to hollah; used in Nelly songs including "Thicky Thick Girl"

Usually pronounced with an prolonged e sound on the end.

Also spelled skuwee, skoowee, scoowee, scuwy, scuwey, scoowy, scoowey, skuwy, skoowy, skuwey, skoowey, sckuwee, sckoowee, sckoowy, sckoowey, sckuwy, sckuwey
If an attractive girl/chonga/Thicky Thick girl/Scutta-Nutta Buttahead Skeet Hoe walks by, you must yell Scuweeeeeeeee!!!

Damn that girl is fine...scuweeeeeee!!!
by The Real Governor August 13, 2007
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