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*scumfuckers, n: the act of showing up uninvited to a private home and destroying/damaging/rendering unusable/defecating upon/micturating upon the personal goods of the owner of the establishment. can also mean stealing of any valuable goods from a private home/business.

*scumfuckers, n2: the labeling of particular individuals that engage in scumfuckery, one who engages in scumfuckery.

*scumfuck, to scumfuck, v: the act of in any way devaluing another private citizen's property after entering their home without consent.
scumfuckery, n1: 'Just don't engage in any scumfuckery, Homeless Hal.'

scumfuckers, n2: 'Those scumfuckers sure torched that tapestry last night.'

scumfuck, v: 'Let's go to Geoff's party and scumfuck that place up.'
by Loren Kilkeary May 01, 2011
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