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A scuh is an extremely energetic, spirited person with an usually agreeable personality and a certain inclination to write extremely long e-mails at unseenly hours of the night. Scuhs usually have very eclectic tastes in music and can be easily identified as the person with YouTube cranked up really loudly on their computers. Scuhs also like to form groups, usually of 4, with other scuhs. These groups are referred to as "scuhscuhscuhscuh"s.

Alternate spellings: SCSC, scscscscscscsc, scuhscuhscuhscuh, SC
Scuh: "Take a seat in Harold if you're feeling really poopy." -points to yellow, inflatable dinosaur-
Normal Person: "Uh... Nice to meet you Mr. Harold."
Scuh: "It's a she."

Scuh: "This is your birthday song. It isn't very long."
by mrPurpleDinosaur June 04, 2009
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