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The ultimate distracter word. Nobody has the slightest idea what a scrubmunkin is, does, or looks like. It is, in fact, such a downright puzzling word that, when inserted into a sentence, the person spoken to spends all their intellectual energy on trying to comprehend what a scrubmunkin is. It is extremely useful when making difficult confessions. As an added bonus, it makes a sentence look as if its sole purpose was to use the word scrubmunkin. It can thus effectively hide sneaky intentions.
"So... are you going to the party later tonight? I am, because I am a scrubmunkin."

Child: Mom, Elaine spilled salsa on the basement carpet. Scrubmunkin.
Mother: What?.... what is a scrubmunkin?

Child: Mother, I got involved in a pretty nasty drug ring, and was caught by the police last night in the middle of a deal. I'm gonna have to go to prison unless you want to pay the million dollar bail scrubmunkin.
by lizzardtheblizzardwizzard April 03, 2012
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