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1. Someone willing to get down on their knee's and motorboat the bosses testicles making an absolute meal of it causing trauma.
2. A man who is seriously lacking in skill when it comes to scrotterboating his Superior work colleagues.

3. Someone who has not perfected the art of brown nosing or scrotterboating someone to seek one's benefit.

4. Someone who has not successfully made the transition from motorboating to testicular scrotterboating.

5. A man who can't relieve or impress his superior with his scrotterboating skills.

6. A serious fucktard or fucking retard.

7. A Man unfortunately missing fine tuned scrotterboating from his resume.

8. Someone willing to get carpet burn on their knee's to get ahead.
1. Project Manager: " Man I can't even sit down on my chair I just had Martin and Darryl in here scotterboating me. Feels like my nuts have been through a cheese grater!"

General Manager: "Yeah they are both Scrotterboatard's!"

Project Manager: "Well I'm off to to get some elective surgery, though you can hardly call it elective look what they have done to my crotch. Looks like a dog has been chewing it"

General Manager: "Well I'm floating on a cloud. Next time allow Bridge. He is a master Scrotterboater!"

2. Man1: "Bro did you get that job?"

Man2: "No it did not go well. They said I need to work a lot harder on my scrotterboating!"

Man1: "So your a scrotterboatard?"

Man2: "Bro just don't like the idea of a mans nuts in my mouth or anything else from the south"

Man1: "Ha ha bro job ain't worth it hey"

Man2: "No way bro I'll just stick to working hard"
by mooroobool November 16, 2013
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