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a person whose neck resembles a scrotal sack and is red from working outside, works hard labor, thinks the government owes him something, drives a beat up pick-up truck with no bed; obnoxious half-wit with random tufts of hair in every which way direction. Lives in a trailor with his fat wife who works at wal-mart and reeks of ass.
i.e. a person who thinks they have a worthwhile invention but is really lying and the invention isn't worth shit.
by Eseer Ttam August 22, 2008
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n. a person that is not good enough to be a dick head, but better than an asshole.

n. a friend who you haven't seen in a while.

adj. a person that you respect, and hate all at the same time.

v. a hello
ex.Is that Jr on the phone, tell that scrote neck I said hey.

ex.Man that scrote neck just wooped my ass in pool!
by SStraley October 24, 2008
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