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An intense itching of the scrotum that men get from time

to time. It is by no means a mild itch and it must be

scratched immediately no matter where you are and who

you are with. Prolonged scratching can cause abrasions

to the sac. Although scrot scratch is a discomfort for

the sufferer the physical act of scratching gives much

satisfaction and is extremely adictive.
James:Did you here about steve?

Pat: No.

James:Last night he was about to have a threesome but got the scrot scratch and had to claw at his baws,while the two lassies were in the room.They thought he had an STD after that and wouldn't go near him all night.

Pat: Lets save him the pain and pretend that he went all the way. Since its his birthday.
by KCIRTAP NOSNEVETS April 13, 2010
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