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looking at another players screen when playing video games to gain an unfair advantage.
call of duty split screen

Max is running around cant find Tim, so looks at Tims halve of the screen to find his position then throws a grenade which explodes


Tim "Oh man you're such a screen perv"
Max "hey it was just luck, I am not cheating honest"
by DR. mark sloan August 06, 2009
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An entire class of people who insist on reading over your shoulder while you are working or stares at your computer screen.

It can be even more irritating then someone who reads the newspaper over your shoulder. often makign you so uncomfortable to the point where you are unable get any work done.

This class of person will often read over your shoulder trying to not be to obvious and then 30 seconds after you close your browser window or make eye contact with them will immediately look away and deny they are reading over your shoulder or have the nerve to comment on what you were doing.
"Dude! you are such a total screen perv, if i wanted to show you what was on my screen I would call you over. it's called the personal computer for a reason mind your own screen."

"umm sir, i can not work with you screen perv all over me."
by allley June 12, 2012
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