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One who takes or asks for the remains or scraps of other peoples things.
My mom sneakily reaches in the garbage for scraps of the chicken pot pie that I threw away, as i bust her out and yell "you scrapmaster!" and laugh.

As everybody is super stoned after passing the blunt around and putting that stanky in the air Jessica walks in the circle and asks "can i hit that?" Then Sean says "Not unless you got money on it scrapbitch."

Late at night me and my buddies throw donuts at random people while driving the Plymouth Breeze. We realise raccoons are picking up the scrap donuts on the side of the roads. So we light them scrapmasters up with paintball guns.

A bum is pilfering through the trash for food as I hit him with a donut thrown from the plymouth breeze and yell "scrapf@%&."
by whiteyz March 31, 2009
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