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A school located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, whose entrance exam, though well intended, lacks filters for denying admission to adolescents who lack one or more of the following abilities: (1) the ability to compose a fluid piece of prose whose ideas are appropriately delineated by paragraphs; (2) the ability to use a keyboard; (3) the ability to refrain from writing separate words like "each" and "other" as a compound, even though some demon of syntactical retardation may possess his or her soul; and (4) the ability to ignore trivial social concerns that contribute to foolish teenage angst, pursue wholeheartedly the gift of liberal education that has been bestowed upon him or her, attain a mastery of all subjects, pursue success by whatsoever path he or she may choose, and generally be too content with his or her own life to waste one thought on his or her mildly bothersome classmates of yore.
i went to scranton pREP school but not everyone got along with eachother so i just complained about it on urbandic,tionary everytime we had a snow day and im still upset about it how can i be expected to succeed in a school where there r

different types of ppl and someofthem dont do the work and dont, suffer any of the consequences like ending up at fordham or the u or some school that ,will only perpetuate their mediocrity...o wait
by Big Problems July 22, 2008
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