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a scrand or scrandy is someone who does is bad at popular video games like call of duty or halo scrands usually try to break better players or challenge them to one on ones.

a scrandy is the term that is a conjuction of srcand and randy used meaning that the scrand your talking to is random like not popular or known. further insulting them.
scrand: yo (random player) you suck your just a try hard

random better player: bro your just mad cuz i went + 10 and you went -5

scrand: dude im way better than you 1v1 me

random better player : no i have better things to do than play scrands like you

scrand: you just scared that your going to loose

random better player: fine

scrand : (screams then leaves because the score is 10 to nothing)
by ultimatoe April 03, 2011
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