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Scrabulous ( adjective- describing an aspect of the human mind) means the human mind's capacity to keep scrummaging around seeking knowledge, new input, new ideas and sensations to keep it occupied and to stop it from getting bored. In other words it is the quality of the mind where it scrambles about in a fabulously obsessive fashion trying to learn new bits of information and to learn new ideas to keep it happy or to distract it from the task at hand. The human being has a need to rummage around for new things as we are an intelligent species and when the scrabulous mind's appetite for new data, color and knowledge is NOT met, it can lead people to all sort of mischief and trouble, simply as a way to relieve the boredom. Therefore to be scrabulous is a positive quality. (2) A scrabulous person is an intelligent person who obsessively collects facts, data and ideas in order to keep themselves happy, such as the people who front the panel for the t.v. show called Q.I.
He lay on the sofa and thought how scrabulous his mind was- He supposed it was a positive thing. He was always trying to distract himself from the pain he felt inside by filling his mind with colorful interesting facts, or by watching endless videos on youtube, or by reading books and watching movies
by Magnolia Peel June 13, 2016
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