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A female villain from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
(Lami from the japanese Zyuranger Super Sentai series).
She is a scorpion/human with a saber that
could transform into a boomerang.She also
has a scorpion-monster form.She arrives after
Rita Repulsa creates the evil Green Ranger,but leaves
when Lord Zedd appears (due to a lack of Dinosaur Task Force Zyuranger footage).Scorpina usually fought the rangers with Goldar.She returned one more time,disguised
as a normal human,in order to fight the rangers
with Goldar.
Scorpina:I'm Scorpina, and I'm your worst nightmare!

Rita Repulsa: So, do you two think I should send the Green Ranger?
Squatt: I think I don't know what I think, your Evilness!
Scorpina: No! Send me, I wanna go!
Squatt: Well, I could go with Baboo.
Scorpina: Oh, shut up!
by Zenox November 15, 2006
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