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The act of shitting on a glass table top, scooping the fresh log up with your bare hands, then sneeking up behind another in an attempt to jam the steaming turd into their ear...this move is best performed when the duece is solid in consistency and minus the presence of peanuts (some people are allergic to peanuts & you would not want to do serious harm within the limits of this playful act)
I saw a dear friend the other day, we had dinner at the cafe on the corner of 3rd and Broad St.....she had to use the ladies room...during her absence, I too relieved myself and upon her return I gave her a light hearted scoop-a-duece....not sure why she stormed off so quickly leaving me to pay the lunch tab....not calling her again..
by Nachos Del Guapo January 25, 2011
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