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Scooby1961, or simply "Scooby" is a well known youtube personality known for being one of the first bodybuilders to dedicate a youtube channel to bodybuilding and overall physical fitness. A lifelong natural bodybuilder, Scooby gives advice through decades of personal experience while also living an active lifestyle. In 2015 Scooby revealed he was gay, and much pondering was done about how that changed his lifestyle. Broscientific consensus largely indicates Scooby may be a Power Bottom.
Cornelius: Ey Big John, how long have you been bodybuilding?
Big John: 1 Year
Cornelius: do you follow any person?
Big John: hell yea nigga, Scooby1961
Cornelius: Aww No way I heard that guy was gay
Big John: Say that again and I'm going ram your head into the concrete
Cornelius: Ok please don't hurt me
by Poopy Mgee August 14, 2016
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