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Science-based extrapolations for entertainment purposes (i.e. sci-fi), which free the most knowledgeable and intelligent fans of the burden of "suspended disbelief". The premise or concept would be plausible (or even foreseeable) given continued research and development in a particular field of science. The science is more important than the entertainment value alone - this results in sci-fi that satisfies on a new level for a cerebral audience.
nanotechnology is a prime example of science today that can be used as a mechanism for plausible fiction set in the near future.

Sci-Fi fan 1: "That movie had no chicks with big boobs, no explosions, no car chases, yet I still enjoyed it ... how is this possible?"
Sci-Fi fan 2: "Awesome scientainment value."
Sci-Fi fan 1: "Perhaps I should apply myself in my studies, as my interests in science have been piqued."
by PL&G August 23, 2007
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The practice of entertaining people with shows that pretend to be about science, but can claim little relevance to actual science, and are more about being venues to support the egos of scientainers.
TV shows like "The Universe" that are narrated by people who have no clue what science is about, are more scientainment than science.
by flybd5juan April 18, 2014
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