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To high five someone whilst affecting the Vulcan Live Long and Prosper hand.
Person A: Dude, you'll never guess who I saw on the street today. T'Pau from Enterprise. For realsies!
Person B: No way! You have to hit this, brother.
(Sci-five ensues)
by Live Long & Prosper July 31, 2009
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When you high-five someone to acknowledge the awesomeness of science.
When we watched a TV show about space, my son was so excited that he gave me a sci-five.
by Fever Dog September 23, 2015
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Similar to a High Five But when you cannot physically see the person but yet feel the need to high five them.

A virtual high five
Dudes on two sides of a room seperated by a wall.

Dude 1: (PHHHFFF) Dude, I just Cropdusted my side of the room
Dude 2: Nice, Sci-Five!
by Michael Scarn F.B.I. October 11, 2009
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