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"Schwoo!" is a spontaneous exclamation of extreme LSD intoxication. Pronounced with much breath, as blowing out a candle. Repeated as necessary. The proper reply to such a statement (assuming similar intoxication) is also "Schwoo!"

The "Schwoo!" statement is both a statement of "peaking" and an attempt to lessen the hallucinations.
Rick, tripping his brains out about 1 hour after dropping 2 hits of blotter: "Schwoo!"

John, feeling just as high: "Schwoo!"

Rinse and Repeat.
by wrinkz December 04, 2005
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a small but prominent wisp of hair which randomly sprouts from the side of one's head
Tiffy's bangs made a perfectly rounded schwoo which kept ne entertained throughout all of class.
by Hollywood Whore October 12, 2006
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