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A horribly degrading place where teen boys are suggested to shower in front of their peers. No one does it except during gym class swimming units which happen once a year. During this yearly ritual boys strip naked (except the smart ones who change in private and don't shower) and shower together. Usually they talk about penis size and what not but overall they act like immature kids.

This is only true in high school and in college guys use them to, you know, shower!
HS Guy A: C'mon man we're done swimming let's go get naked and shower!!!
HS Guy B: Yeah, and we can laugh at our friend with a small penis and act like idiots in the school showers!

College Guy A: Dude, I'll be back later, I gotta go shower.
College Guy B: Okay man, I'll catch up with you later.
by SmallButCute February 14, 2008
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