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a person who has been your friend, or friends with one of your friends for years. he/she is the person who everyone except for a select few people hates. He/she is the most likely the reason that you and or your group of freinds was not invited to more than one high-school parties. every person knows who this select individual is and onyl tolerates that person becuase your friends do. Also this person is the direct reason that you used to and/or are constatly getting into trouble. this person does not know when to quit and always wants to do things their way becuase they have alterior motives that only help them. They are constatly come up in conversations regardings vacations/shin digs/parties/etc. However, for better or for worse they will always be around
high-school: "bro, you cant bring that schmobogger(name)to the party, noone likes him"

possible vacation: "if that schmobogger(name) is going i dont want to go, i dont want to end up in jail like the last time"

hanging out: "i dont like where this is going i am leaving before anything bad happens/(name) does anything studip"
by behmfool June 20, 2008
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