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lazy people with self esteem/value/respect issues, who have given up on themselves, fashion and style that live in oversized t-shirts, sweatpants, black leggings, or think pajama pants are appropriate "going out" attire. Most recently brought to our attention on Oprah, the schlumpadinka is, in most urban centers, an epidemic.
For example: The woman in front of you at the gas station/coffee shop/ family restaurant line wearing an outdated windbreaker, some grungy, saggy sweatpants, usually with an outdated hairstyle that is unkempt. Looks like she was probably doing some housecleaing, or perhaps painting her living room. Alas, this is her everyday attire. You speculate, that perhaps she is homeless, or at least low-income. Unfortunately, she's just lazy and doesn't care about her appearance.
"whoa, check out the schlumpadinka! How can you really NOT care THAT much?"
by disgruntledfemale February 24, 2008
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