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A word with dual meaning depending on context.

1) A term for the state of mind experienced when under lots of anxiety and fear. Particularly of the unknown. A person is said to be getting schitzy if they are obviously uneasy/afraid of something.

2) A word used to describe someone/ something that gives you a very uneasy feeling. For example, a person acting strange and erratic on public transport, making people who are around feel anxious would be a schitzy person.

*walking through a dark forest with a friend*

Person 1 - This is really creepy, are you alright?

Person 2- No man, I'm getting really schitzy.

*spot a man walking around a dark park as a clown*
Person 1- What's that guy doing?
Person 2- I don't know but he's being proper schitzy.
by Phretik October 01, 2017
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