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Racist towards just about every race, creed, religion, color, gender EXCEPT white christian males. People who believe in schitzpol are ALWAYS white christian males who share a common hatred for anyone that's different. Nazis are cuddly teddy bears compared to schitzpol. Their cult reads, "All heil the mighty schitzpol! All non-white, non-christian, non-males deserve to die. Niggers, yellows, spiks, bitches, savages, charlies, and katie kuric all deserve to die. Bono sucks ass. Women are only good for one thing, sexual pleasure and making babies."
Guy 1: Those schitzpol people are so fuckin racist.
Guy 2: Fuck you, you nigger. I'm in the schitzpol cult.
by Donut Piss December 24, 2011
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