german expression (verb) for being dumbfounded after a strange, abnormal or unbelievable incident
oh meine gott, deine mutter hat 3 arme! das, und ihre lilanen zähne schicken mich echt!

oh my god! your mother has got 3 arms! that really schicks me as well as her purple teeth!
by bza stza December 23, 2006
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German word (verb) meaning "to send"
German: Wir schicken einen Brief zu Björn.
English: We sent a letter to Björn.

German: Ich schicke Björn zu Wolfgangs haus huete morgen.
English: I sent Björn to Wolfgang's house this morning.
by Frau Paul February 20, 2009
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refers to the misspelled words in instant messages which usually follow consumption of copious amounts of fine beers such as miller lite.
A is often confused when IM'ing with WonderTwin2 while he is in the basement CONSUMPTING BEARS. She yells to WonderTwin2 that the chicken is ready. He IMs WonderTwin1 that the SCHICKENS ready and has to go.
by WonderTwin1 October 27, 2010
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