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Sexy, adorable, cute as a button and honest. She can be your confidant, your best friend, your comedian or your partner in crime. She is outgoing, creative, and bold. A bad ass motherfucker who won't take no shit off of nobody. She's original, amazing, different in all the perfect ways and her beauty is undeniable. She will have the most mesmerizing eyes that anyone could hardly ever have and just looking into them will make one lose their mind and fall deep in love with her, without necessarily trying. She's crazy but in the best ways possible and will surely change your life in the most positive way. She has a smile that will force you to smile no matter what, it's adorable. She's ridiculously sweet and anyone who is lucky enough to know a true Schelea should never let her go because they won't find another girl like her. She should be treated like a goddess and deserves the best in the world.
-Damn that girl is such an Schelea, everyone wants to be with her all of the time!

-Schelea and that one kid look so cute together, it's all Schelea though.

-That girl is absolutely stunning, she's so hot, she's an Schelea!

-Steve fell in love, he must have found an Schelea.
by Ari 💖 January 04, 2017
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