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adj. (shy-deh-muf-fin) mixture of the German word "scheide" or vagina, and a muffin. Usually used to describe a "nor-cal bra" who is full of STDs derived from bleach-blonde, oompa-loompa-orange sluts. In most cases they deserve a junkpunch or kick to the freakishly white bleached teeth. However, this can also be used to describe your best friend if they are of Austrian descent.
Person 1: Check out that scheidemuffin in the lifted truck

Person 2:He and his boyfriend are about to get drunk go to town on each other.

Person 1: Then afterword talk about how drunk they drove that one time, how many skanky slampieces they've been with and how hella sick having syphilis is.


Thanks for being my wingman tonight Martin, you're my favorite scheidemuffin! No homo
by dirty530GRANDE April 23, 2010
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