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The short form of schedule. Never spelled; only spoken... until now.

Pronounced (sK-edge).
G: Yo B, want to kick it in the park with some 40's?

B: Yeah I dunno, have to check the schedge, G.
by SCrow December 05, 2006
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Schedge was invented at Granada Hills Charter High School, as a means of scheduling every time you arrive and depart at a new location, at the same time every day (minus Tuesdays, and other days with odd schedules). The phrase is also shouted at each of these times, followed by a "schedge-five".

Also, people who have gotten 'degrees' in the art of schedge are considered Schedgperts, (experts of schedge), while the rest are still in Schedglementary School. Schedgperts are rare, and the only power higher than that is the Schedge-Master, which is a title owned only by the original 4 Schedgperts. Some schedgperts (including one of the four schedgmasters) are Boobologists as well.

S.I.P (Schedge In Peace) Jay, 8:08-3:19
Eddie: Hey james, check the schedge time
James: Calm your shit Ed, it's only 8:07!
Isaac: Yeah Ed! We still got a minute of schedging!
Eddie: Alright thanks James, and Sack! Anyways, hows the inventing business coming alo-
James(interrupting): It's 8:08!!!
Isaac: Schedge-Five fellas!
James: Later, Sack! Later, Ed!!!!
Eddie: Schedge on the reg!
by schedgepert August 05, 2011
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