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A combination of scene, emo and redneck styles, common in rural high schools. Trademarks include flannel or band shirts, straightened hair, ear plugs, tattoos, and a stereotypical redneck douchiness. Usually come from white trash/trailer trash backgrounds, get engaged/get some girl pregnant in high school, fail out of high school, and do more drugs than most other groups. Interests include agriculture, metal, indie, Jesus, and drugs.
When Joe began listening to emo bands, he wanted to become part of that crowd. Unfortunately, due to his environment and upbringing, he simply became a scenemoneck. Joe and his friends attend church twice a week, do a variety of hardcore drugs, and most flunked out of high school and currently work at Walmart, trying to support their 17-year-old wife and two kids.
by notscenemoneck July 22, 2009
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