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scene loners are girls or guys who look and dress exactly as the famous scenesters online. They pull off the look, got the hair, listen to the music.... and talk to no one, are usually (not always) shy, never go to concerts and prefer to be alone or with very few people. Everyone usually knows who they are but wonder what the fuck is their problem and why they never talk. Some look at them as being bitches who think they are too special to talk to anyone else. But most of them aren't, they're nice, sweet guys/girls who just don't like to be loud and cause a scene (irony) or are too shy to approach anyone
Bob: who's that chic?
Dan: Oh, that's Mary, she's a scene loner, I've never seen his anywhere other than school
Bob: oh yeah?
Dan: and she's usually by herself
Bob: that's weird...
by FeeditBeans June 24, 2010
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