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also known as herion is used by lower social economic classes(junkies from D4) whose unfortunate to have an addiction and not know their biological father...........or mother usually raised by a dog or cardboard box.Use criiminal activites to fund their addiction such as shop lifting robbing their grandmother or robbing people.They usually wear tracksuits busted trainers which is cover in their own urine and feces(piss and shit)when you walk past you will think someone used them as dartboeards wit all the needles stucking out.
Scag user 1 any scccccaaaagg
Scag user 2 no im strung out
Scag user 1 is dat ur granma
Scag user 2 yeah lets rob her get sum sccccaaaag

scccaaaag user will do something strange for a bit of change
by Shames178 April 22, 2011
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