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What your dog does when he feels the need to wipe or itch his ass. Not having fingers for this purpose, he must resort to dragging his asshole against your carpeting. To achieve this, the dog must drop his ass down to the ground and hold it there whilst propelling himself forward with his front paws in a scooting fashion most owners find both hilarious and repulsive simultaneously. A smear of fecal matter is deposited on the carpet in his wake, but it is often invisible to the naked eye, therefore you can never know if your dog does it or not unless you catch him in the act.
Dude1: "Hey dude I have the munchies. Is that melted chocolate on the rug over there?"

Dude2: "Nah, bro... I saw Otis scatscooting over there after he came in the house. He must have the runs."
by Singlet September 29, 2017
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