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A Scarsdalian is a put down, that describes your typical Scarsdale resident. Rich, Snobby, Stuck Up, Cheap, Nerdy and a Bitch.
Danny : "Hey check out that sick ride"
Mike : "wow the new porshe 911 turbo, whos driving it?
Scarsdalian : "hey kids you like my ride??"
Danny : "Yea awesome car"
Scarsdalian "Well guess what, you social inferiors can't come near it. An d if I see you in my neighborhood again i'm calling the police"
Danny : "what did you say you stuck up bitch"
Scarsdalian : "listen kids I dont want any trouble, heres a 50 dollar bill just dont hurt me"
Mike : "that what I thought douche bag now get back in ur car and get the fuck out of here before we key it!"
by Danny Hunnewell March 11, 2005
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