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A very scary state within the U.S. It used to be called ARIZONA, but over time its name has become "SCARIZONA", a place where a judge will reprimand a rape victim for getting raped; where people must "show their papers" on command to avoid being detained. Scarizona has a history of governors and lawmakers who have demonstrated disrespect to citizens, specific demographic groups, presidents. Arizona was long known as a place where many people would "Come on vacation, Leave on probation" due to stringent DUI and drug laws which often impact tourists. Raging forest fires have left haunting moonscapes where there once was natural beauty, further reinforcing the notion that this place, somehow, is no longer Arizona, but rather "Scarizona".
"Whew! Had to go to Scarizona Arizona for a conference. So glad I made it back alive!"

"Oh gosh, did you see what the governor of Scarizona Arizona did NOW?!?!"
by karenaboutcha September 12, 2012
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