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scampions are the stupid boys that ot to campion skol in hornchurch they think they r the best wen they all get off at romford station to go meet all the sacred sluts u think they r the pretyest girls around but really they aint coz they all just look the same at least u got the other skols eg there rivile brentwood ursulins they r different yea they may wear brown but they all have there own unique personalitys n style u no what scamps dunno what u c in them sluts u shud definatly go for the brentwood lassies!
"omg yeah i fuck dat sacred slut the other day she wud du nefin if i sweet tlked her" " well i tryed it with that brentwood girl we didnt du nefin but she is so easy to tlk to her i get on with her well gd"
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