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A portmanteau originating genealogically from the East Anglia area. Defines both the nature and family name of an ancestral line, historically sited as being comprised of scallywags, liars, cheats and scam artists. Replacing the first two letters E and M with its Rhyming replacement Scam provides the surname with the usually mentioned adjective attributed to such a historical lineage of pathological lying that its considered a family trait, not just what is suggested with today's members of the Emmerson line such as mentioned in descriptions of the name Luke, when that definition is given to represent a twat that cheats and misogynies venerable women and girls for personal kicks and to obtain secret media to post on to internet porn sites without female consent or permission, not so much a peeping tom but a taping twat
Why did you expect the truth when you knew Luke was a scamerson.
by Mr Soggy June 10, 2015
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