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A beautiful girl with big blue green eyes and tan skin who is really smart and a great friend and sister who I think is pretty cool.
She is such a sayler
by swiggetyswootey August 16, 2015
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a person who has a very strong obsession with the human butthole.
girl "did you just try to slip a finger in my butt?"

guy " i guess i pulled a sayler!"
by miguel ibanez March 18, 2009
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A girl who is amazing and treats you perfectly and if she falls in love with you like that she's a keeper if you have ever dated a girl named Sayler then you should've kept her if you do keep her,Sayler either has blue/green big eyes that sparkle and shine her heart is the thing that means the most cause she will keep it open for you
If you have a Sayler you would want to keep her
by Younggirlhopee July 14, 2017
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