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The sport of French Kick Boxing (Le Boxe Francaise) is often called "Savate" as this is the art from which the sport developed.

I do not insist that the sport be called "Le Boxe Francaise" rather than "Savate", but "Le Boxe Francaise" is really just kickboxing, whereas true Savate, or "Street Savate" includes grappling, knife fighting and cane fighting.
I teach GREAMA. Greco-Roman European American Martial Arts. Boxing and Wrestling are the best known, followed by Savate and Pankration (Pahn-krah-tea-own).

Some American styles are:
*Throw Wrestling (aka Stand-up Wrestling).
*Throw Fighting (aka Stand-up Fighting; above + kickboxing)
*Submission Wrestling (aka Catch Wrestling, Hook Wrestling)
*Submission Fighting (above + kickboxing)
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French Kickboxing or le boxe francaise, a martial art that originally started in the 19th century as a collection of streetfighting techniques.

The name 'savate' translates to 'old shoe' in French, referring to heavy shoes worn in fights.

The style became recognizable as the art practiced today when in 1830 Charles Lecour combined English boxing with the old streetfighting system.
Who do you think would win; a Thai boxer or a savate boxer?
by Travis February 22, 2005
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