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When a girl is giving you head, and right before you bust, you slap the back of her head, and it comes out her nose.
I pimp slapped that bitch, and gave her a savage dragon
by HaDAk September 01, 2004
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When a creator wakes up one day and says, "FUCK IT. It's hardcore porn from here on out, baby!"
Wow, American Dad keeps pushing further and further the limits of what it can do. Next season they should just go full Savage Dragon.
by CheesecakeAvenger June 08, 2018
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An ex girlfriend that speaks poorly about her ex boyfriend to her local community to the point where all the other women think that the guy is a chauvinistic brut.
Did you hear what Shelley said about Sam? That bitch is the definition of a savage dragon.
by charger0828 September 22, 2010
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