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'A vehicle which contains a kettle, this in turn, contains three sausages left over from a rained out bux party barbeque.'

Is also known to have beer bottles that are mistakenly blamed for the odour. Therefore known as the sausage wagon. (Also goes by the names: 'meat wagon'; and 'the 'roidmobile'.)
E.g. Someone has a bux party, the party is organised around a barbeque and cricket in the afternoon. This is unfortunately rained out, so the organiser is punished by having three sausages left in a kettle in his car to stink it out. Weeks go by and the sausage wagon becomes progressively worse, without the owner being able to pinpoint the source, even with many subtle hints thrown his way.
by Michael Fletcher March 12, 2006
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when an employee at ETSU loves the dick the size of a wagon. (Kyle is the size of a wagon)
See also snoogling
David W loves Kyle's sausage wagon.
by Keith November 19, 2004
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