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1. A derogatory slur directed at homosexual men.
2. A woman of loose morals.
3. A party or gathering with a disproportionate amount of men in attendance.
4. A sexual encounter which creates strain on the males phallus.

5. A vagina
1. Walks into a gay bar, "man there sure are a lot of sausage benders in here!"
2. Last weekend me and my boys went down to Vegas and rented a couple of sausage benders.
3. Went to Chris's last night, it was a real sausage bender.
4. We were trying some positions from the Kama sutra last night, it was a real sausage bender.

5. I hooked up with that girl last night, she has a real nice sausage bender
by Sons of Sausage August 09, 2017
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A male super hero power born in March. This sexy male specimen can bend their sausage during sexual intercourse. Usually very rare, and desired by women wanting g-spot stimulation.
1. Emma was very impressed with Tom’s sausage Bender.

2. I once went to a taboo party, my sausage bender was a great hit.

3. Jane had a friend once, he was a real sausage bender.
by Arockstar4life May 28, 2018
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