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A student in UBC's Sauder School of Business. Typically characteristics:

1. 50-60% chance he's Asian. If Asian, chances are he's in accounting/finance.
2. Has hundreds of business cards
3. An extreme keener who has a professionally written resume and cover letter in first year
4. Highly involved (or tries to be) involved in the CUS.
5. Shows off her status by having the following signature:

Joe SomeAsianName
BCom 20nn, OptionName | Sauder School of Business
VP Finance | Some Club
VP Marketing | Some Club

6. Has a Linkedin account in first year with over 100 connections. Only about 20% of those at most are actual friends. The rest are just "contacts" for networking.
7. Has a resume that begins with a "profile" heading, and the following format: ___ year BCom student with strengths in ______, ____, _______. Highly ______. Interested in a career in _____.
8. Puts career ahead of everything. Becomes an intense aggressive keener at recruiting events. Learns and masters the concept of networking in 1st year.
9. Hangs out in DLam during breaks. Tries to study in DLam but ends up wasting time talking - hence the constant loud noise in DLam.
10. Crams for exams and doesn't keep up with the material, but somehow gets good grades.
12. Owns a smartphone of some kind that he checks during class.
13. Gets so many e mails he/she can't keep up with.
14. Wears suits to class...usually for some event later in the day...but sometimes for the sake of it/or to show off!
Arts Student: What are all those Asians doing walking around campus today in suits?

Other Student: Ya...those are Sauderite. Some accounting company is on campus today.
by kwjz October 30, 2010
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