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The sauce one puts on a previously present sauce (i.e. overlapping). This can result in either an awesome sauce, not to be confused with awesomesauce, or a "heart attack", such as the combination of wasabi and BW3 "Blazin'" sauce. These sauces are ultimately disgusting and should be avoided, unless you know a particularly hardy/insane/ person whom you wish to prank.

The awesome sauces are, by definition, awesome, and include, but are not limited to those listed below.
Barbecue + Steak sauce, Barbecue + Honey sauce, Nacho Cheese + Salsa, Honey Mustard + Chipotle sauce, Guacamole + Salsa, and Chuck Norris + Mr. T. Your mom and my ****. Saucesauce and more saucesauce.
by vodhozk + !NICK JAMES! December 01, 2009
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