"Satanists become Satanists because of Harry Potter, Witchcraft on TV, Yoga and they also worship Satan because to rebel against our Christian Nation."

Actually, Satanism is a Religion and America is a Secular Nation that protects all religion and that includes Satanism.

Satanophobia is unacceptable because it like Paganism AKA "Witchcraft" it is also protected as a religion.

Satanic Ritual Abuse was made up by the Jew-Khazar media to keep the Holohoax going and to keep the White Race Oppressed.

Jewish Ritual Murder AKA is real however. The Jew-Khazar Race does have mental and behavioral Issues. However, Satanic Ritual Murder may have occurred in 1993 with the controversial
West Memphis 3 Case West Memphis Three Case.

1997 Pearl, Mississippi School Shooting Satanism was involved.
by Cat House June 05, 2014
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