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A sasaeng fan (사생팬) is simply an overly obsessed fan to K-pop idols and they are not concidered as true fans. They stalk their idols and invade their privacy. The bigger groups or singers have at least 100 of full time sasaeng fans around them. They try to rip off their clothes, kiss them, steal their private stuff and they can even put cameras in stuff they give to them. They can break into their rooms, someone had hit them/him/her with a bag full of rocks, someone had put a camera in a teddy bear the gave to them and someone even put drugs into their drink. They will do anything to make them remember you, hit them, scream bad and mean things to them, they want to touch them so bad that they even could kill someone to get the cance to touch them. Some of the sasaengs even hire taxis to follow their k-idols and can speed up to 200km/h. To hire a taxi like that, it can cost up to $200 to $500 and can often be found outside concert halls, broadcast station and celebrity dorms.
"Did you hear what that girl did to Kai and Baekhyun from EXO?"
"No, what did she do?"
"She was pulling Kai at the airport so that he fell and injured his leg and waist. Baekhyun had to support him because he said he couldn't walk properly. She then told Baekhyun to "move his fucking head" so that she could take pictures"
"Ugh I hate those sasaeng fans, I can't believe that they want to hurt and disrespect their idols like that. I hope he's okay"
by stektägg April 18, 2014
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