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A beautiful girl inside and out. Misunderstood, mysterious, and undefinable. A burst of energy that will always make you laugh.
by fattymcfatface July 04, 2014
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Someone who loves too much and cares too much for others and always ends up getting hurt. You can kick her to the curb yet she will still find a way to forgive you.
Sariya is a strong person
by little peach October 10, 2016
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Sariya is a beautiful girl inside and out she loves and cares too Much for others so she often ends up getting hurt but she still finds a way to smile everyday and make everyone around her happy when you have a sariya in your life be sure to hold onto her tight she's always there to listen to your problems even if you don't listen to hers
"Hey do you know sariya"

"Of course!! I love her so much she's always there for me "
by countries October 08, 2018
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a stupid ass bitch that very sensitive and gets butthurt over everything, she also has pug eyes and makes the same face every time she posts something, and she thinks everyone is down to fuck, and she is a desperate bitch who can't get with no one. and she tries to ruin relationships
a pug.
thats sariya's instagram below so y'all can see what we talking about
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