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Saredo is the best person you will ever meet. She is the best friend u can ever have and a straight up bad bitch! she will protect and defend u and always be ur friend. get u a saredo!
Jayden:Yo my saredo stopped me from getting beat up today
Tanesha: ya everyone should get a saredo i love her sm!
by taneshaissaredosbestfriend March 07, 2018
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Saredos are bouncing ass, grass loving ass, bad bitches :* <3 XD she used to like lames but now she loves herself. Skin? GLOWING. Thiccness? OUTRAGEOUS. Lips? MOISTURIZED. Curls? JOOOOOOUUUIICUYYY. Heart? Broken...

The most dramatic bitch you will EVER meet, and the messiest!

Ass fat? yeah she know

A Nubian queen, a true queen
You saw that bad bitch Saredo yesterday??? YEAHHHHHH
by bombooooclat May 09, 2018
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