Adj: A certain form of sexual orientation in which you find intelligence in a person of the opposite sex attractive.

Noun: A sapioheterosexual person.

It differences from sapiosexual that it does account for the gender of a person.
"So, are you heterosexual?"
"In a way, I am. I'm actually sapioheterosexual."
"Which means?"
"That I find intelligence in the opposite sex attractive."
by G3ntle January 08, 2012
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A bullshit word for people who think they're intelligent, but also afraid of being called gay.
Heterosexual isn't a long enough word for 'smart' people like me, so I decided to add the prefix 'sapio' to heterosexual. Sapioheterosexual doesn't sound pretentious at all.
by 40daysofnight February 02, 2016
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